Privacy Policy

Overview of Items:

  • Commissioned artworks are not intended for commercial use unless a specific, signed agreement is in place. Under no circumstances is any of the creations of The Jester’s Toybox to be used within a publication and/or for profit without express permission.
  • As I am @jennithejester on all social media, I tend to require any creations shared online be credited as follows: “Name of piece” by Jenni Kirkruff (@jennithejester), (year created), of The Jester’s Toybox. 
  • You are allowed up to three changes within the commission request before fees will begin to incur.
  • Commission payments can be made thru multiple online sources for your convenience (PayPal, Venmo, Kofi, Stripe). Any physical items the payee will cover the shipping and handling in its entirety. Fees incurred, if any, will range between 1-3% of original work’s agreed upon price.
  • If you commission me for artworks, I will request from you permission to share WIPs to social media, as this aides in building my business. I will ask to ensure that you are comfortable with the share, how you’d like to be credited (if at all), and if it should be referenced at all in case its a gift/surprise for someone, etc.
  • Communication is key to getting the best possible outcome for a commissioned work. During the WIP phase, please provide honest feedback so things can be tweaked to your liking, thus ensuring complete satisfaction of the commissioned work. Remember, commission slots are secured up-front and there are non-refundable, so make sure you work with me so its what you like!
  • Commercial vs Personal rates differ. Pricing listed on the site and in social media are for personal work commissions. Commissions for publications and professional use (such as on websites or other media), are at a different price point and are to be discussed and agreed upon between the creator (Jenni “the Jester” Kirkruff) and the client (you!).

Deeper details of the terms of service and some process information to better set expectations for artworks commissioned of The Jester’s Toybox:

● As mentioned above, once your commission slot is secured, all commissions are non-refundable. This is non-negotiable.

● I must receive your payment in full, up-front, to secure your slot and place your commission on my queue.

● I work on commissions from the queue in batches of about 3-5 at a time in the order they are received. Due to the number of commissions in the queue at any given time, it may take up to 6-8 weeks before work will begin on your commission, more for larger/specialized commission requests. Plan ahead if you have requests for birthdays/holidays so we can make sure its complete for that special someone!

● Once work begins on your commission, you will receive a rough line sketch for your feedback as well as a sample pallet of proposed colors to be used. Please do not hold back with your feedback; I cannot fix any issues if I don’t know about them and I want you to love your commissioned work from me!

            ○ If significant changes are requested for the sketch (i.e. an entirely new pose or an outfit redesign, etc.), a new sketch will be sent. If the changes are minor, there will not be a follow-up sketch but the changes requested will be folded into the final piece.

● Once the sketch has been approved, I will begin laying the colors (unless this is a grayscale piece, per request, then the grays will come in) and finalization. You could receive the final piece within a few days, or up to 3 weeks later, depending on your placement in the current batch.

● Up to three rounds of alterations made be requested free of charge once a “final” ispresented. You may not request major changes, as those should have been requested during the earlier sketch phase.

            ○ Examples of changes you may request: color changes, a new face, minor adjustments of pose, expression, outfit, or body type, changing the background, etc.

            ○ Examples of what you may not request: changing the lighting set up, changing the entire pose, changing the entire outfit, anything that requires significant repainting.

● A single round of alterations may include multiple changes. Any additional rounds of alterations after the first three have been fulfilled and sent will cost an additional $25/hour until completed.

● Both parties are prohibited from using/selling the artwork as NFTs or for cryptocurrency.

● Both parties are also prohibited from using any of the artworks or creations of The Jester’s Toybox with any form of AI. Artworks of The Jester’s Toybox are not for AI consumption and in doing so will violate terms of service.

● Followers and fans of my work love to see process imagery of WIPs as well as final designs. This includes possibly including footage of the process in my Youtube, TikTok, and Twitch videos. While I still legally retain the right to post the art if I so choose, if you do not want your commission shared, please say so, and I will not post it, as mentioned before. This was your request and I will follow your wishes on whether you’d prefer it kept private or not, whatever the reason.

● Lastly, The Jester’s Toybox reserves the right to terminate any commission if the client becomes unprofessional in their dealings with the artist.