The Jester’s Toybox offers a wide variety of table-top role-play gaming (TTRPG) services and content that includes:

  • Gamemaster Services
  • TTRPG Streaming Content
  • TTRPG Training Services (for gamemasters and players alike)
  • TTRPG Character Play (have me join your games!)
  • Custom TTRPG Content Creation

The Jester’s Toybox utilizes StartPlaying.Games in order to offer ease of scheduling and selecting the type of TTRPG you wish to join! For all other services listed, please contact The Jester in order to discuss and schedule with her, for any occasion. You can always check The Jester’s Toybox for presently available and upcoming games as well as the Jester’s page on StartPlaying.Games.


The Fall, Rise of the Underdark
A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Cataclysmic Adventure

Set in the Sword Coast. The return of a family, long thought lost. The finding of a strange amulet that holds a key to secrets, darkness, and heartbreak. Whispers of something coming…of revolution…of war.

After eons of being shunned into the depths of the Underdark for being feared and loathed, the drow, under the command of their great queen, decide enough is enough and that those that are above will learn what power lurks beneath their feet.

The Rise of Tyrell
A Blade Runner Epic

What does it mean to be real? What makes us all truly human? Is it our capacity to feel emotion, our ability to create, or something else entirely that defines us? This brings us to the question swirling throughout society as we hear of the great achievements by the Tyrell Corporation in creating Replicants. Reports are slowly surfacing that they have started to become sentient, exhibit dissonant behaviors, and even…showing what can only be deemed as human emotion. The larger cities of the world have now been training and employing humans known as Blade Runners to hunt down the Replicants that have to be malfunctioning with the behaviors they seem to be exhibiting.

Surely that’s it. Surely they aren’t…real.

Set in parallel to the events of the first movie, Blade Runner, you and the team you are partnered up with are hired to investigate a group of replicants that have gone missing and are hiding within the Los Angeles, CA., area. Eldon Tyrell, himself, has hired you to take care of this unfortunate bit of business as these Replicants escaped from his own compound where they were being made. This would seem like a fairly run of the mill snatch and grab job that you and your teammates have performed many times before except…

Why does Eldon Tyrell seem to be dodgy with any of the information on the Replicants? He hired you after all. So what does he have to hide…?

Under the Threat of Night
A Vampire the Masquerade v5 Original Mystery

Vampires are disappearing without a trace at an alarming rate within your city. A few of the missing have turned up under grisly circumstances, unsettling even for the vampiric world to witness. Your coterie has been commissioned by order of the Prince to quietly investigate what may be happening in order to either capture the responsible party and bring them before the vampire council for justice to be served.

Thing is, you aren’t the first coterie to be given this assignment. All previous groups have also disappeared not long after their investigations began. Rumors are beginning to circulate that the guilty party is neither man nor beast and may be something altogether even more terrifying than anything the supernatural world has witnessed before.

Kovacs’ Legacy – Hiding in Plain Sight
An Altered Carbon Mystery/Adventure

Takeshi Kovacs.

You’ve heard his name whispered in the back alleys and seedy bars within Bay City, spoken both with a sort of awe and respect as well as voices of disdain. He is a legend, on of the elite soldiers and that was rumored to be on of the last Envoys, a rebel group that had set out to disrupt and defeat the up and coming New World Order. Supposedly, he’d returned in 2384, resleeved several times since and then 30 years later, once again, disappeared without a trace.

You and your team have been recently resleeved and assigned to hunt down Kovacs in order to aid in a mission yet to be revealed by the anonymous patrons that paid for the expensive new bodies you find your cortical stacks housed within. Only Kovacs has the intel required to complete the mission as a whole…a mission that will grant you the new sleeve you find yourself in as well as being set up with a fairly comfortable, if not lucrative, rest of your stack life.

Fail…and your stack will be sent right back into the system…

…if not entirely erased.