Welcome to the Toybox


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When I started The Jester’s Toybox, I created it with the sole intent to delight audiences and the players at the table. I enjoy immersing viewers within the game to the point of where you truly care about what happens to these fictitious persons and the adventures and shenanigans they often get into. As I have been running TTRPGs for multiple decades for different games and genres, I also bring a wealth of experience to the table in order to make the game session move seamlessly so you fall deep into the worlds I create and love every second at the table.

My passion and love for the game comes out with every campaign/chronicle. I have a knack for invoking multiple voices and accents for the characters you will meet. I have a background in theatre, been front-man to several rock bands over the years (yes, I sing), and am a former disc jockey – meaning my voice is very unique within the field, which deepens your immersion and experience within the game.

I am a storyteller, first and foremost. I pride myself in being able to spin on a dime, regardless what the players or dice may dictate. We all know what a game master sets out to guide the players thru, often does not fully come to fruition (if at all) since we are left to the fate of the roll of the dice and where they players wish to explore. The absolute most important thing I will have in mind as we play isn’t the rules, it isn’t what the storyteller wants the players to do or go – no, the number one most important thing at the table is simply this…

Everyone needs to be having fun, whether it is the other players or the audience at hand. Simple as that.